Painting has always made me feel at ease anywhere in the world, though not all painting techniques are equally portable: to travel with an oils case is somewhat awkward, however, watercolor and a notebook of paper the size of a postcard fit in any bag. Even when I go to see my family, painting is always presente; my godson loves medieval markets with knights in shining armor. The first time he went to the medieval market of Telgte in Germany, he was amazed with the camp of men who lived exactly as in the Middle Ages: in big tents around large fires and lots of interesting things everywhere. The best of all was to be able to try a real knight helmet, regardless of weight and size. What can be more exciting for a 6 years old child!.

We could not miss a memory of that day, we took lots of pictures, he keeps them in a CD, and I made a cover with a knight with his helmet and feathers painted in watercolor: the nicest thing for me was that my godson liked so much the watercolor that asked me to go painting with me and we spent several afternoons sitting quietly imagining things from the Middle Age.

Watercolor is a light and relatively fast to paint media, it does not require too many things and can be practiced almost anywhere. My work has led me to travel quite a lot and the watercolor has been the to keep painting everytime I had a free moment without carrying too many stuf. I especially like the illustrations of animals in the most realistic possible way.


Donostia Market Plaza

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