We've all drawn at the school: at the beinning just for fun, to tell stories. Then we draw in school learning perspective, technical drawing, calligraphy, ... and almost all at once we leave the school we stop drawing, I am not an exception.

I would have completely abandoned drawing and perhaps painting, but one day I saw that the artistic club of my village organized a weekend of "drawing with nude model". I was interested in the subject and I didn´t have any other plans, so I signed up and I realized how much I like to draw.

Everything I do is based on drawing, but it is the children who make me draw for hours and I keep with lots of love the drawings that my nephews and the daughters of a friend give me. By the way, one of them made a drawing ​​especially with the request of transforming it into a silk scarf.

The pencil drawing is the basis for everything I do and I need to train continuously to improve my technique.


Donostia Market Plaza

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