I usually paint in the cultural centre of my village surrounded with lots of friends as anxious as I am to have spent some time to painting and, of course, chatting.

During the period of time it took to paint the series of two pictures of the cathedral and the crypt (left and right respectively), I enjoyed very much entering the classroom and finding some kids in front of my pictures watching and discussing what had changed since the last time. As I enjoy looking at the details and painting items the size of a drop, the kids had problems to find the changes, and when I pointed out, for example, a gargoyle or a faun, they heard open-mouthed my explanations and even suggested to add other beings such as the three-headed dog from Harry Potter´s last movie they had just seen.

Like them, I like the pictures where to look for details, so maybe because of that, the painters who have inspired me more are Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

I take advantage of this small space to thank all fellows of my painting group and especially to Juan Berrospe, our guide and teacher, the good times we spent in the company of Paint.

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