I still have some drawings I did in college to work a free theme: it was my first set of drawings, and called it "The school with the passage of time". I felt very proud when my teacher told me he wanted to buy them for what for me was a small fortune at age 16.

I did not dare to study Fine Arts, however, I have always found my "Neverland" in drawing and painting.

For many years I was dedicated almost exclusively to oil painting, but as the space on the walls was ending, I have cultivated other techniques.

The painting on fabric was a great discovery: what about giving another style to a pair of jeans?

One thing led to another and by testing different materials, I came to silk.

Painting on silk is much like watercolor, a medium that I discovered when I started to travel because of my job: a small box of watercolors and small format papers can be taken anywhere.

Since 2001 I paint in silk and until recently it was a private pleasure, limited to personal use, gifts for family and friends. But in 2013 I began to study the possibility of selling my paintings on silk. I did a little market research visiting museums and shops. When the Balenciaga Museum in Getaria showed interest in my work and asked me for some samples, I made ​​the decision to launch into the adventure of working as a silk and fabric painter. Immediately I participated in my first craft fair, the 35th Craft Fair of the Basque Country in Renteria in 2013.

In this site you will find a small sample of my passion, I hope you'll enjoy it and, if you feel like getting in contact, I'd love to know your opinion.


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